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Florida Sportfishing Outfitters offers the Coastal and Pass guided Fishing Charter Excursion experience From Tampa Bay to Sarasota.

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Inshore and kwater Fishing Charter Excursions

Have you ever been on a highway or interstate trying to get to a baseball game, football game, Nascar race, or anything a lot of people are going to all at the same time and the road becomes jammed pack with cars? Well, our passes, inlets, or any where water funnels into the bay or Gulf are a lot the same way.

As seasons change, fish from inshore places and fish from offshore use these passes as their highways and interstates. That being said, passes and the surrounding adjacent places, whether it be on the flats and islands inside the pass, or the beach and close nearshore reefs outside the pass, depending on the type of fish, to what season we are going into and how fast the season changes along with how much of a change in weather there is, are all factors I always think about to have the best plan for our day! We can catch every type of fish that does this seasonal transition for spawning.

The two biggest driving forces that make fish move from area to area are water Temp. and natural bait. Every time this happens fish can change a little bit or a lot depending on all the factors involved and every time you fish from day to day during one of these seasons you learn something new. With the amount of water being funneled through these passes, the bottom can change and as the bottom changes it will also funnel fish into different places than the year before. This is yet another reason choosing a guide with many years of experience comes into play. These times of the year when the passes are the interstates for the fish you can expect to catch Snook, Trout, Red Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper, Cobia, Triple Tail, Tarpon, Sharks, Flounder, Sheepshead, and the list goes on and on. This is also why we have incredible fishing year round.

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Coastal Pass Fishing Charter

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Florida Sportfishing Outfitters offers guided fishing charter boat services in the Tampa, Florida, area. Enjoy a fishing charter in both shallow and deep waters aboard a customized Privateer® boat led by Captain Shawn Crawford. As a sixth-generation Floridian, Captain Crawford believes that 10 percent of the fishermen catch 90 percent of the fish.

Captain Crawford has more than 27 years of experience, and has earned many clients through the word of mouth. He gives seminars throughout the year, and teaches the finer points of fishing. He knows just about everything there is to know about the waters around Tampa Bay, like Longboat Key!

Captain Crawford and Sandi Adams won the 5th Annual Ranger Boats/Evinrude™ Outboards Saltwater Flats Fishing Championship Tournament held at the Bahi Beach Island Resort Marina in Ruskin, Florida, with a 145.5-inch catch. The prize was worth more than $24,000. The Megalops team (Captain Mark Rankin, John Yingling, and Louis Garcia) came in second with a 145.25-inch catch. Both teams had a double slam, catching three fish each day. Ernie Rubio caught the largest snook at 32.25 inches on the Megabite. Frank Heter caught the largest red fish at 32.5 inches on the Wrench'Em In. His teammate, Jim Stanek, caught the largest trout at 26.25 inches.

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Call Us Today: 941.705.3160 to schedule your custom Coastal and Pass Fishing Charter Excursion Experience from Tampa to Sarasota, Florida.

Captain Shawn Crawford - Tampa to Sarasota Charter Fishing

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